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Harvest of 2018


Congratulations to the Class of 2018 with three medal winners;  2018 Boykin Blend, White Oak Blend and Rosavin all earned Bronze medal distinction at the 2019 AWS Commercial Competition and our White Oak Blend for winning Silver at the Texas International Wine Competition!

2018 Boykin Blend 

Sold Out

Bronze medal Winner


We are continuing our signature Boykin Blend and maintaining George’s memory with another lovely red table wine.  This year’s version has 60% Estate grown Chambourcin, 18% Virginia Merlot and 22% Cabernet Sauvignon from California.


The appearance, nose and mouth feel is consistent with the 2017 that is to say the appearance is ruby/garnet; the nose is cherry/blueberry/tobacco/wood spice; and the mouth feel is light to medium with medium length and velvety finish. 


This wine is intended as a casual dinner wine therefore is approachable for a beginner wine drinker yet also appealing to more experienced palates.


$1 from every bottle sold will go to Boykin Spaniel Rescue


White Oak Blend


AWS Bronze medal Winner

Texas International Silver Medal Winner

This wine is made with 60% Chardonnay and 40% Chardonel.  Winemaker Bob put the Chardonnay through malolactic fermentation and added French Allier Oak strips to soften the Chardonnay. He left the Chardonel in stainless steel to keep it light and bright.  The combination result is a bit of a buttery, toasty mouth finished off with a clean balanced feel.  It presents with a peach or melon nose. 


Our White Oak Blend is named for our Champion White Swamp Oak in front of the winery.  He’s over 375 years old and we’re proud to have him in the yard.  

Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir has been a family favorite but the grapes are not grown readily in Virginia so we brought in some grapes to try Winemaker Bob’s hand at making a Pinot.  This lightly colored, medium body, dry wine is low in tannins and still young so has hints of red fruit; cherries, raspberries, strawberries.  The fruit forward taste should develop nicely with some aging but ready to drink now.


The photo on the label was taken by our son, Tyke, while on a trip in Joshua Tree National Park and is part of his Citizen of the World photo series.  




Bronze medal Winner


This 100% Cabernet Franc Rose is our answer to the 2018 crazy rainy season.  The sugar content stayed a bit low for a hearty red but lent well to a dry, slightly fruity, some say tart cherry, Rose.


The photo on this bottle is also one of Tyke’s Citizen of the World series and is from his trip to Iceland. The glacier cube looked so cool and pink, we thought it represented our Rose just right. Since the picture is from Iceland we named our wine Rosavin, Icelandic for Rose Wine.

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