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Why "Forever"

Hi!  Our names are Bob and Teri Riggs and we own this farm and vineyard.  Bob has been a "can man" for 40 years which has provided opportunities to travel and live around the world.  
We have moved 15 times, between homes from Hong Kong, Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado and all over California.  

Our last "corporate move" was in Fairfield California, a stone's throw from Napa.  Our research and experiences there pretty much sealed the retirement deal for us - let's do a winery.

Deciding where was easier since all our kids and grandkids are in Virginia. We know that Loudoun County is an up-and-coming wine region, so when we found this slice of Heaven we knew, no more moves - we're home Forever!!


Our Mission Statement

Forever Farm & Vineyard, LLC                        

The mission of Forever Farm & Vineyard is to create a safe haven based on:
·       Promoting a simple life-style
·       Encouraging self-expression
·       Being good neighbors within our community and throughout the world
·       Continuing education
·       Making and drinking really great wine

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