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American Wine Society Bronze Award!!

For the third year in a row our signature Boykin Blend has stayed on point and earned another medal.  That's why it's one of our favorites!!

Harvest of 2019


Because we are a boutique winery, basically Mom & Pop doing all of the vineyard management, winery production and tasting room marketing, we produce low volume high quality wines.  The class of 2019 was approximately 300 cases total (3,600 bottles) which we purposely kept at a reasonable price point, thus many have sold out. 

2019 Boykin Blend 

2020 American Wine Society Awards

Bronze Medal


We are continuing our signature Boykin Blend and maintaining George’s memory with another lovely red table wine.  This year the Boykin Blend has 44% Estate grown Chambourcin, 26% Virginia Merlot, 21% Loudoun Cabernet Sauvignon and 9% Estate Corot Noir.


The appearance is a deep, blackberry purple.  The nose includes a complex mixture of soft florals, spice and pepper with a hint of chocolate-cherry. The clean, smooth, fruit forward taste of fresh cranberry, textured blueberry and jammy black currant creates a thorough and pleasing finish of soft elegance.


The third version of our Boykin Blend shows the art and science of our winemaker, Bob, as he continues to perfect new versions of this Bordeaux-style Blend. 


This wine is intended as a casual dinner wine therefore is approachable for a beginner wine drinker yet also appealing to more experienced palates.


We will donate $1 for every bottle sold to Boykin Spaniel Rescue


Always good to simply sip on the porch, this blend would pair well with venison, salmon or grilled meats.

AWS 2020 Bronze.jpg

Forever Blush       


Our Rose’ offering from the 2019 harvest is entirely Estate-grown 50% Cabernet Franc, 45% Chambourcin and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon.  The color is a stunning candy-apple red with ruby raspberry shining through the clear and bright body.  The nose brings to mind fresh, fallen leaves covered with raspberry and cherry and reveals the flavors of fresh, red fruit while maintaining a dry composure.  The fruit forward finish is juicy and fresh. 


Our tasting team declared this wine to be “the porch-sitter we have been waiting for!”


The photo on the label is from our God-daughter’s wedding on our property. The flowers brought out the beauty of the blushing bride thus the name, Forever Blush.


Keeping in mind that this is a dry Rose’, this blush could pair well with ham, leek and gouda dishes or light BBQ dishes.


White Oak Blend 2019


2020 American Wine Society Awards

Bronze Medal


This wine is made with Loudoun County grown grapes, 52% Chardonnay and 48% Chardonel.  Bob put the Chardonnay through malolactic fermentation and aged with French Allier Oak strips.  The result is a clear, straw-gold appearance.  The nose brings out notes of nuts and a buttery, light toasted oak yet the mouth has a citrusy, fruit forward taste which embraces the round, supple tannins.  The finish is consistent front to back starting with a tart apple and finishing with fresh fruit.  It is a smooth, mouth-watering finish that lingers but not too long. 


Our White Oak Blend is named for our Champion White Swamp Oak in front of the winery.  He’s over 380 years old and we’re proud to have him in the yard.  


Food pairings could include shell fish like crab or shrimp, steamed or grilled and light pasta or risotto with spring vegetables.  Also pairs well with light veal dishes.

AWS 2020 Bronze.jpg

Cabernet Franc 2019            


2020 Loudoun Wine Awards

Best in Class

Gold Medal Winner

Sold Out


The grapes for this deep red and opaque Cab Franc are 100% Loudoun County grown. The nose combines white pepper with light smoked licorice and plum. The taste explodes with full dark fruit, currants and cassis blended with dark chocolate flavors.  The big tannins are peppery, dense and chewy. The coffee chocolate flows all the way to the back of the palate and lingers with a full-bodied elegance.


Cab Franc can pair well with many foods including roasted chicken or pork and grilled beef, duck, lamb, sausage or hearty fish.


Chambourcin 2019


Sold Out   


Our winemaker is pleased to release this Estate-grown Chambourcin.  He has used this grape in several of his blends but also wanted to explore the unique qualities as a single varietal.


The color is exemplary of this grape - a deep, dark, garnet/Royal purple.  The earthy, herbaceous nose is infused with black pepper, cherry and blackberry and reflected in the fruit forward, tart, red and black cherry taste.  The mouth feel is balanced and structured fruit with a full and long finish that leaves you wanting more!


Chambourcin pairs well with rich beef dishes or pasta with heavy meat sauce.  Goes great with pizza as well!


    Chardonel 2019          


Sold Out



The lightest of the 2019 harvest, this Estate-grown Chardonel is a very clear, straw to pale gold color.  The nose is lightly floral with hints of stone fruit that are reflected in the crisp taste along with a touch of honey.  This refreshing white finishes with a consistent crisp yet tart structure.


Chardonel can pair well with trout or sea bass, pesto dishes or pasta and cream sauces.


Pinot Noir 2019


Sold Out


The Pinot Noir in the Class of 2019 is created in the Classic PN-style.  The color is a very clear, dark, Royal purple.  The nose is an exciting balance of black cherry, Baker’s Chocolate & light vanilla bean with notes of chocolate cherries.  Since it is a young wine, the taste is a fresh black cherry with light tannins which promises to age into a rich, deep chocolate cherry. The complex finish is full and long, juicy and lingering with a hint of light smoke.


The grapes used in this year’s Pinot Noir are from California’s Russian River Valley.


Pinot Noir pairs with Mexican dishes as well as lamb or simply a filet mignon.


Red Barn Red      


2020 Loudoun Wine Awards

Silver Medal

2020 American Wine Society Awards

Bronze Medal

Sold Out



Our Estate-grown, 80% Chambourcin from Lot 3 and 20% Cab Franc from Lot 4, were processed and fermented together to create our newest blend named for our signature Red Barn. The appearance is an inky, deep, dark cherry with ruby edges.  The earthy  and fresh-cut wood tones in the nose blended with cranberry, vanilla, cherry and blackberry. The taste is bright, fresh, tangy red fruit and so smooth.  The finish goes to the back of the palate with a long, consistent profile and well-rounded tannins. 



Could pair well with herby mushroom pasta, roasted vegetables and gamy offerings.

AWS 2020 Bronze.jpg
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