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Wine Clubs

Join the Forever Farm & Vineyard Family

As with everything else around the farm, we are constantly learning and growing.  We have two wine clubs, and will be changing the make-up slightly.  

The first, LBD Club, was set up around our Boykin Blend, and will now be red wine only. The Infinity Club offers our white and rose selections.

  • We are not able to store allotments indefinitely, therefore, we request that you pick-up at each party or make arrangements to pick-up before the next season.  We reserve the right to substitute if you miss two pick-ups.

  • Even though we are open seasonally, this year weekends only, if there is any time you need some of our wine or you would like to show off for your family or friends just shoot us a call or email.  You have the inside track!

  • Since we start your club discount as soon as you sign up, we request that you remain a club member through two pick-ups.

Find more information for each below:

BSR Erin 2.jpg

Infinity Club


LBD Club

Wine Club Terms and Conditions
     • Must be over 21 years of age to be a member.
     • Your credit card will be automatically billed for each 2-bottle package, we will email you before charging
     • Membership is a one-year minimum commitment. Cancellation prior to one year of membership will result in a $50.00 cancellation fee.
     • We ask that you notify us if you wish to change or cancel your wine club membership, 30 days prior to shipment. Please email or call for wine club cancellations. or 
(540) 822-0954
     • Wines can either be shipped to your home or office - shipping not included in allotment total, OR picked-up in Forever Farm & Vineyard Tasting Room.
     • Wines that are shipped are sent UPS ground and all packages are required by law to obtain an adult signature.
     • Please review all wine club terms and conditions before joining.

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