When are you open?

We have switched to a winter schedule which is by appointment only.  Please use the "Get in Touch" button to request a time.        

How much are tastings?

There are various  tasting experiences:

Standard Tasting - The typical tasting, at the tasting bar and sampling a selection of wines in a single glass is $9 a person, maximum of 6 people in a single group

Seated Tasting - A seated tasting with a separate glass for each selection so you can explore and compare to decide your favorite wine. The tasting includes a full pour glass of wine.  These appointment only tastings  can be made with the button above, menu pull down on the mobile site or by calling (540) 822-0954.  They are $20 a person for groups of 1 - 6 guests, $25 a person for groups of 7 - 12, groups over 12 people will be quoted separately.  This tasting is about 45 minutes long.

VIP Experience - This VIP Tour is your all access pass to an exclusive behind the scenes look at the winemaking process, lead by the winemaker himself.  The tour culminates with a seated tasting.  We will provide you with your very own Forever Farm & Vineyard glass to take home at the end of your tour.  This VIP tasting is by appointment only with a deposit required.*  To make an appointment, either use the button above, menu pull down on the mobile site or call (540) 822-0954.  The fee is $60 a person and limited to groups of no more than 10 people.  This tour is about 60 mins long.  

*the deposit will not be refunded if you cancel within 24 hours of scheduled time.

INDUSTRY Professionals:  Please provide business card and inquire about special discounts

Do you allow dogs?

We are definitely "dog people", our first signature wine is named for one of our dogs and we are silver business sponsors of Boykin Spaniel Rescue.  Our intention is to have dog days every month.  Of course, the dogs are not allowed in the tasting room and will have to be leashed since we are on a pretty busy road.  All that being said, we do understand that not every one loves dogs and hope we can find a way to respect each other by leaving our four-legged children home on days that are not designated for them.

Are you family-friendly?

We are parents and grandparents and want our family to feel welcome yet we have certain expectations of our kids and will request them of our guests:

Children must be accompanied by an adult anywhere on the property

Children must respect "inside voice" requirements and other guests' rights to their own personal space

Children are not allowed in the pond or creek 

We intend to have some activities for the children's enjoyment but until that time suggest you have something to keep them quietly entertained

What about food?

In the tasting room, we will have light snacks for sale.


We currently have some picnic tables where you can bring your own food, of course, as mandated by VA-ABC law, no alcohol other than what we sell.  

There will be a one bottle or 1 glass per adult minimum per table.  

Non-alcoholic drinks must be in sealed beverage container i.e. juice box or canned.

We plan to include food trucks in the future so stay-tuned!