When are you open?

We are open every Friday from 3 - 8 pm - we call that our Neighborhood Happy Hour!  Saturdays from 1 - 6 pm usually with music.  We often have food trucks so check our home page to see what's for dinner!

How much are tastings?

Because of Covid our tastings have been changed to self-guided with an ounce and 1/2 each of a selection of wines.  Each tasting costs $10 however, if you purchase 3 bottles we will deduct the tasting.

INDUSTRY Professionals, military personnel, and first responders :  Please provide business card or ID and inquire about special discounts

Do you allow dogs?

We are happy to welcome well-behaved dogs on standard leashes - retractable leashes tend to wrap around things so please refrain from bringing them.

Are you family-friendly?

We are parents and grandparents and want our family to feel welcome yet we have certain expectations of our kids and will request them of our guests:

Children must be accompanied by an adult anywhere on the property

Children must respect other guests' rights to their own personal space

Children are not allowed in the pond or creek 

We suggest that you have something to keep them quietly entertained

What about food?

We have been scheduling food trucks pretty regularly this year.  Please check the home page to see who's coming each weekend.  If a food truck is scheduled, we hope you take advantage of them so they will come back!  If we don't have a food truck please feel free to bring your own picnic - we call it "Pac-a-picnic" Day.  Please keep in mind, no outside alcoholic drinks can be consumed on our property (beer, spirits or wine).

Non-alcoholic drinks must be in sealed beverage container i.e. juice box or canned.

We do offer cheese and cracker type snacks.